Join Us to Help Elect Democratic Women to Higher Office

Our Mission

Support women in public service who run for higher office who are pro-choice, support full equality and will advocate to protect and expand voting rights.


MaggiePAC was established following the 2014 elections which saw record low turnout and the rise of many newly elected officials who are anti-choice, anti-equality and who do not support the protection and strengthening of voting rights in our country. 

Combined with the Supreme Court's rollback of the Voting Rights Act in 2013 and the imposition of many harsh, restrictive and discriminatory laws around the nation in the wake of that decision, our Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote has never been in more peril since the Voting Rights Act passed fifty years ago.

MaggiePAC will engage, motivate and mobilize women in public service who seek to reverse these
trends by running for higher office.

Our Strategy

With many outstanding organizations already working to encourage and support women running
for their first offices, we know there's no reason to reinvent the wheel.

That's why MaggiePAC specifically targets those women already in office who wish to "make the jump" to higher office including Statewide and Federal seats to affect change in public policy.

The challenges that candidates face - especially women - when making the jump from local or down-ballot office to statewide or Federal office can be daunting. Early mistakes in can be costly down the line.

We believe that by providing early financial support, intensive training and ongoing strategic advice
throughout the campaign for rising women candidates in each election cycle, MaggiePAC can help strong and qualified women "make the jump" to higher office.

In order to accomplish these goals, MaggiePAC will offer up to six scholarships per election cycle to
candidates that have gone through an endorsement and interview process. These scholarships will
include training sessions with top campaign experts, strategic guidance throughout the campaign,
exposure to local and national organizations and donors that share our goals, as well as a maximum
allowable donation to each candidate's campaign.

Paid for by MaggiePAC, Jill Riester Treasurer